June 6, 2017

Member spotlight: Rob Elliott

Rob Elliot, member and supporter of Corporate Accountability.

A community activist, philanthropist, and rafting guide, Rob has been a member of Corporate Accountability International since 1999.

Why do you support Corporate Accountability International?

With the advent of the Trump administration, we all have to do everything we possibly can. We can’t get discouraged. Organizations such as Corporate Accountability International that are working on important issues have to use every tool at their disposal, and we members and supporters need to stand up and be counted.

How does Corporate Accountability International fit into your broader philanthropy?

I decided to come up with a plan for my philanthropy. I took each sphere I give to and made one organization the anchor. Under the social justice category, I chose Corporate Accountability International. I support Corporate Accountability International because the work we are doing is on behalf of the environment, public health, and social justice — the three areas about which I am most passionate.

What makes you believe in Corporate Accountability International?

The organization is strategic and scrappy (you need both to be effective). I know my dollars are being well spent.

Where does your passion for this kind of work come from?

It starts with gratitude. It starts with realizing how much I’ve been blessed. And it’s just a matter of giving back because I have been given so much in my life.