July 19, 2016

Stop Koch Industries: Demand a government that represents all of us

The results are in and the newest inductee to the Corporate Hall of Shame is … Koch Industries.

Brothers Charles and David Koch have used their corporation and capital to create more than 600 offshore subsidiaries as tax shelters, while funneling money into state and federal elections to impact policy in their favor. This has got to stop.

Corporate Accountability is proud to partner with Common Cause to challenge big money’s influence on policy. Stand with us to kick out corporate influence and take back our democracy.

Our annual Corporate Hall of Shame campaign is an important way Corporate Accountability challenges corporate greed and abuse, in partnership with people like you. You might even be one of the thousands of members who voted this year to name Koch Industries as the most shameful corporation of the year.

If we want a government that truly represents all of us, we’ll need to hold every member of Congress accountable for the reforms we’re demanding.

Join Corporate Accountability and Common Cause to ask both parties’ 2016 nominees to keep big money’s influence out of politics. 

And soon, look out for your ballot to help name the worst corporation of 2016.

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