Action center: Demand justice for the people of Flint, MI

Ten years ago today, the water crisis in Flint, Michigan started. And though a full decade has passed, people in Flint still don’t have reliable access to safe, clean water to drink, cook with, or bathe in. And no one has been held accountable for the myriad devastating impacts this crisis has had on people in Flint.

We won’t let this terrible injustice be forgotten or ignored. The people of Flint deserve justice for what they have gone through.

So today we’re partnering with Flint Rising and other grassroots groups around the country, to amplify the voices of the people of Flint, and demand that those that played a role in the crisis be held accountable.

People across the country are flooding Veolia’s phone lines and inboxes today, which also happens to be its annual shareholders’ meeting, to make sure the corporation knows we won’t let it off the hook. And to make sure our collective voices are heard, we’ll be holding a rally outside Veolia’s North American headquarters in Boston today as well, and supporting solidarity actions in New Orleans and Pittsburgh.

Use this page to take action to demand water justice in Flint, and then share it with your family and friends and ask them to take action too!

It’s far past time the people of Flint get justice for 10 years of poisoned water.

Donate to support water justice in Flint and beyond!

Because you are part of a movement of thousands of people across the U.S., and around the globe, you have a unique role to play in amplifying the voices of the people of Flint. And together, that’s what we’ve done for the past several years in deep partnership and collaboration with our partners at Flint Rising.

But keeping the drumbeat going takes a tremendous amount of time, energy, and resources. And we simply can’t continue this work without your support.

Donate right now to support the human right to water in Flint.

When you give now, half of your gift will support Flint Rising’s campaign for water justice, and the other half will support Corporate Accountability’s global campaign for the human right to water.

Urge Michigan’s Attorney General to stand up for justice in Flint!

Urge AG Nessel not to give up on justice for Flint. Stand in solidarity with the people of Flint and uplift their demands for AG Nessel to:

  • Hold Veolia, the public officials, and all other responsible parties accountable for their roles in the crisis.
  • Use her power and influence to ensure that the Flint lead pipe settlement of 2017 is fulfilled through the replacement of all lead pipes at no cost to Flint residents.
  • Meet with Flint residents in an open community meeting to hear their concerns and answer their questions.

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