Senior Latin America Policy Organizer Daniel Dorado speaking on Article 19.
Factsheets October 2, 2023

Learn more about Article 19's lifesaving potential and recommendations for Parties to advance implementation at COP10. 

Factsheets October 2, 2023

Together, we can help protect the negotiations from industry influence. Learn steps that parties can before and during COP10 and MOP3. 

Factsheets September 12, 2023
The Black CollectiveDemocracy

Our movement work seeks to support, elevate, and connect campaigns around the world challenging corporate power. Learn about our approach.

Martin Vilela, climate campaign organizers, speaks into a microphone to a crowd of organizers. Martin has dark hair, light brown skin, and glasses. He wears a pin-striped shirt and headphones rest on his neck. Behind him, a black and red banner reads: Que Paguen! - the campaign's slogan.
Newsletters and special updates August 10, 2023
WaterClimateThe Black Collective

Together, we called out abusive corporations for PR schemes and rallied elected officials to kick Big Polluters out. Read more in our newsletter!

Factsheets May 25, 2023

Our comment includes evidence to further reinforce the demand for the implementation of a holistic labeling system for food sold in the U.S.

Blue and red Chevron logo rises flames. The corporation's tagline, "energy is at the heart of everything that we do," with the word energy scratched out in red and destruction written above it, is positioned above the logo.
Reports May 24, 2023

Recent findings suggest that Chevron appears to be preventing, not promoting, policies and regulations needed to avert climate catastrophe.