Reports June 3, 2024

Colombia banned tobacco promotion. Philip Morris International still sponsors its biggest music festival.

Reports June 3, 2024

Philip Morris International utiliza el patrocinio de festivales de música para atraer a nuevos clientes, sobre todo a la población joven, en países del Sur Global.

Reports April 4, 2024

Take a deep dive into the U.S. military budget: Where this tax-payer funded military spending is going, the corporations driving it, and how we can hold these industries accountable.

A group of people gather to protest outside of the U.N. climate talks. An Indigenous leader stands before the crowd and with a handheld drum and leads the group in song.
Newsletters and special updates March 29, 2024
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Together, we’re shifting the landscape in which corporations operate and building global power. Learn more about our collective impact.

A hand-drawn illustration featuring a diverse group of people celebrating a victory, represented by the breaking of a large chain below them. One person is helping another person step up into the group, while stars and vibrant lines further suggest liberation from oppressive systems.
Newsletters and special updates March 1, 2024
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What does it look like to organize toward what is necessary, not what it politically feasible? Read the latest letter from Corporate Accountability’s Executive Director.

FactsheetsAction toolkits February 12, 2024
The Black Collective

There is no end to corporate abuse without racial justice. Learn more about how the Black Collective team is deepening our commitment to Black-led, liberatory movements and creating a culture of equity at Corporate Accountability.