Portrait photo of Anna Mudd. Anna has short brown hair and she's wearing a gray jacket over a purple shirt. She's standing in front of a tree.
Member spotlight December 5, 2023

Educator and community builder Anna Mudd on how we can disrupt the narratives that corporations depend on to hold onto power.

Newly released research details how many Big Polluters, and trade groups doing their bidding, attended the U.N. climate talks over the years.

An important update on the U.N. tobacco control talks, and what you can do to move the campaign to make Big Tobacco pay forward.

Add your name and urge Congress to pass the PRO Act today.

Make your gift to rein in corporate power by November 30 and TRIPLE your impact!

Cigarette butts smushed down into an astray.

Brazil is one of the top tobacco growing countries in the world. The costs are high for people's health and the environment.