Organizer Daniel Dorado speaks to a media person outside of the negotiating halls. He is holding a large white box that reads "Make Big Tobacco Pay!"

Thanks to the pressure from thousands of people across the world, Governments now have more tools to make Big Tobacco, one of the most abusive industries, pay for its harms.

Portrait of Arden Shank, a white man with grayish hair and beard. He is wearing a baseball cap.

Interview with Arden Shank on challenging corporate power and systemic racism, and knowing that nothing we do is in isolation.

The Corporate Accountability Black Collective states affirms its solidarity with the Palestinian people and calls for an end to the Israeli occupation in Palestine.

We call for a permanent ceasefire and an end to profiteering and occupation in Palestine. We expose how corporate power fuels and supports Israel’s actions.

A group of six people stand together in the halls outside of a Houston City Council meeting, and smile at the camera.

The power of grassroots activism: How organizers stopped a major privatization threat in its tracks in Houston.

This framework will serve as the guidepost for the Black Collective team for advancing racial justice and corporate accountability over the next few years.