Today is World Water Day! Take a moment to read about what you are making possible, and support the newly reintroduced WATER Act!

Faucet with water

The people of Jackson, Mississippi are still living in a state of crisis – and it’s being made worse by the racist and anti-democratic attempts by the state government to take over the city’s water system and strip power from the people.

Cop City will do irreparable harm to the city and citizens of Atlanta. Take action and add your name to our petition now!

Take action for healthier school lunches now.

This February, Corporate Accountability’s Black Collective will commemorate Black activists, inventors, and other figures who made significant contributions to American history. Read on to learn about the A-Z of Black Innovators!

Portrait of Hannah LaBaron, who has light skin and brown hair, wears a reddish, pink shirt and smiles at the camera.

The work for justice will always be a uphill battle, and we'll always keep going, says activist Hannah LeBaron. More on what sustains her in this fight.