This Black August, let us renew our determination to push for progress. Together, create lasting change, and honor the legacy of Black resistance.

Portrait of Dan Crawford. Dan has white skin and hair and glasses. He wears a navy blue sweater, stands in front of pine trees, and smiles.
Member spotlight August 10, 2023

Corporate Accountability supporter Dan Crawford on strategic campaigning and how music can help us connect, heal, and overcome our fears.

Thanks to our collective organizing, the UNFCCC has finally taken an unprecedented step to begin curbing the influence of Big Polluters at the global climate talks. Learn more.

Scene at a night protest. The sign in the forefront reads "Stop Police Brutality"

In early June, the Atlanta City Council voted 11-4 to approve $67 million in funding for “Cop City” — more ...

A Black woman, wearing a brightly-colored fabric face mask, stands outside of the Minnesota capital building holding protest signs that read "Economic justice" and "reparations now!" She is surrounded by Black men holding video equipment and participating in the protest.

Programs in Evanston, Illinois; Baltimore, Maryland; and the state of California take steps to set policies and funding for reparations.

En honor al Día Mundial sin Tabaco, hemos publicado un nuevo análisis sobre el impacto que los productos mortales de las grandes tabacaleras tienen en nuestros recursos y tierras; tierras que podrían destinarse a alimentos que alimentan a las personas.