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This 30th anniversary booklet commemorates historic victories that Corporate Accountability International and its members have achieved by compelling powerful corporations ...

Statement delivered to the U.N. in 2004 regarding the U.N. Human Rights Norms for Transnational Corporations. Giant corporations hurt and ...

From our archives, this report examines the United States’ obstructionist role toward recent international agreements on health, the environment and ...

Corporate Accountability International supporters and allies forced hospital giant Columbia/HCA to alter policies and practices that put profits ahead of patient care.

Waste Management significantly reduced lobbying and campaign contributions after being inducted into the organization's Corporate Hall of Shame in 1996 for manipulating public policy at the expense of the environment and people’s health.

In 1986, we launched the GE Boycott, ultimately compelling the corporation to stop manufacturing nuclear weapons.

"Deadly Deception" won an Academy Award for Best Documentary, exposing GE's role in the nuclear-weapons industry and bringing word of the GE Boycott to more than one billion TV viewers worldwide.

In 1984, we compelled Nestlé to agree to sweeping reforms in its marketing of infant formula, helping curb its deadly human toll.

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