November 1, 2023

Announcing the Challenge Corporate Power match campaign!

All over the world, people are demanding transformative change: an end to corporate influence in our lives; justice for those on the frontlines of the climate crisis; and a just redistribution of resources that will help us cultivate communities and create sustainable ways of living.

Corporate Accountability and our allies organize closely together to make sure that this vision becomes a reality. We challenge corporate power, expose the truths behind corporate lies, achieve tangible wins, and organize in-community to envision a more just world that reaches far beyond our individual organization.

And as a passionate Corporate Accountability member, you are a critical part of this movement. Your support has never been more important — and we’re writing not only to say thank you, but to also share a tremendous opportunity with you.

Thanks to a generous group of donors who share your commitment to challenging corporate power, all gifts made between now and November 30 will be matched with an additional $2 for every $1 donated.

Your tripled contribution will help power our campaigns. And together, we can build people-power across generations, cultures, and borders, as well as put an end to the lies, schemes, and half-measures that corporations and the politicians they pay for have offered us for far too long.

This match will drop to a dollar-for-dollar match through December, so don’t miss this opportunity. Make your gift to the 2023 Challenge Corporate Power Match Campaign today and make the biggest impact possible for the year to come!

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