December 18, 2018

Be proud. Be angry. Keep organizing.

Over the last two weeks, thousands of you stepped up to amplify the call for climate justice while our team of Corporate Accountability organizers were on the ground in Poland at the global climate talks. As a member of that team I wanted to thank you so much for all you made possible, and share with you what happened at the talks.

Big Polluters, the U.S. administration, and their allies came to the talks determined to ram through an industry-driven roadmap for the Paris Agreement that protects their profits above all. Instead, they were forced to reckon with a more powerful and united global climate justice movement than ever before.

While Big Polluters, in lockstep with the U.S. government, succeeded in undermining progress in some key ways that will have very real and devastating consequences, alongside allies around the world we secured a handful of critical victories that provide opportunities for major progress — on advancing just climate solutions and on kicking Big Polluters out — in the year to come.

We’re proud of what we have accomplished together. But we have a lot of organizing to do to finally put people and the planet over Big Polluters’ profits. In the coming months, we’ll regroup, strategize, and identify our best opportunities to keep doing what we have always done: hold deadly industries accountable for devastating abuses that are killing people around the world and threatening life on this planet.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without your support. And we can’t continue this work without your partnership.

Will you support our climate campaign by making a year-end gift now? There is so much at stake and your support is crucial to making progress. You have the chance to double your impact during our 2018 Matching Gift Challenge — where up to $100,000 will be matched by a small group of donors.

We knew going into the climate talks that the power stacked against us was enormous, and that we faced the longest of odds. But we also know that the climate crisis is happening right now, and that millions of lives depend on decisive action to address the crisis.

That’s why we brought your voice to the climate talks. That’s why we partnered with hundreds of organizations and people’s movements to make the People’s Demands for Climate Justice a united rallying cry. That’s why we worked with government delegates, especially from the Global South, to advance meaningful climate policies.

Going forward, we’re advancing this power we have built together. Donate today to ensure we have the resources we need to continue making progress on this life-saving campaign.

Right now, through December 31, every gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $100,000 by a small group of donors who wants to fuel this growing movement. Will you help us meet this challenge?

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