November 8, 2021

BREAKING: 503 fossil fuel lobbyists at the UN climate talks

There are at least 503 fossil fuel lobbyists that have officially been granted access to the UN climate talks happening in Glasgow right now. That’s more than any other country’s delegation.

This new data analysis, done by researchers at Corporate Accountability, Corporate Europe Observatory, and Global Witness, was just published this morning by the BBC1. It exposes just how widespread the influence of Big Polluters is at the global climate talks: they’re in the room, pulling strings to advance their agenda to continue profiting and polluting.

Over the last week, thousands of people like you have raised your voice to support organizers on the ground at the climate talks who are pushing back against Big Polluters’ schemes. And it’s been working: the week ended with some frontline countries standing strong to advance real solutions. But as the second week of negotiations begins today, we need to continue putting pressure on delegates from Global North countries — especially the U.S. government — who are acting in lock-step with Big Polluters.

Take a few minutes to call the U.S. delegation right now and demand that they reject schemes like carbon markets that Big Polluters are pushing behind their “net zero” smokescreen, and advance real solutions to address the climate crisis — including doing the United States’ fair share and providing climate finance to Global South countries and making Big Polluters pay.

While hundreds of fossil fuel lobbyists were officially admitted to the climate talks, many people from the Global South, the front lines of the climate crisis, and civil society have been kept from participating in the talks because of vaccine apartheid, lack of health safeguards, and barriers to access.

So it is no wonder that much of the focus of the talks has been on “net zero” schemes and unjust carbon markets pushed by the Big Polluters at the talks and the governments that do their bidding. We know their schemes won’t actually meaningfully address the global crisis we’re facing. They allow corporations to continue polluting and profiting, making the crisis worse — with the most serious consequences for communities on the front lines. These are nothing more than greenwashing distractions pushed by polluting corporations to let them continue profiting — when what we actually need is to make Big Polluters pay.

That’s where you come in: Your voice, along with thousands of others, can make clear to the Big Polluters in the room and the delegates from the U.S. that we’re watching, and we expect them to act on behalf of people, not corporate profits.

Join in solidarity with climate justice activists on the ground in Glasgow and the many who were shut out. Call the U.S. State Department right now and demand that the U.S stop advancing Big Polluters’ schemes like carbon markets; do its fair share and make Big Polluters pay; and start advancing real solutions.

It will only take a minute. Our action page lets you quickly and easily connect with the right people and provides a sample call-in script. The more calls we can get into the office, the greater our collective power to ensure the climate talks advance real solutions.

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