November 10, 2020

Building the movement to defend democracy

People power is on the move!

Despite the pandemic and deliberate barriers, voters turned out in record numbers. And election officials have counted ballots and ensured people’s voices were heard. Joe Biden’s victory is a resounding testament to the power of organizing led by Black and working people. And Black women once again led the way.

There is much to celebrate. And at Corporate Accountability, we know that democracy doesn’t start or end at the ballot box. Trump knows he has lost the election — he wants to interfere with the vote counting and have the courts throw out our ballots for his own gain. We must ensure that the will of the voters prevails. As we do so, we recognize that the U.S. was built on genocide and slavery, created for the wealth and profit of a few white men. White supremacy, colonialism, and extractive capitalism are built into the DNA of this country. In the face of this, Black-led organizations like the Movement for Black Lives and The Frontline created a powerful, multi-racial coalition of people who mobilized record turnout and base-building in the last few months. They are ready to keep fighting for a better future and a better country. And we urge you to join and follow their lead if you haven’t already.

The Frontline is hosting a weekly call, every Wednesday night, for the next several weeks. Sign up and join one of the calls to learn more about what you can do to protect democratic institutions.

We also know that a threat to democracy in one nation is a threat to democracy everywhere. As we stand up for democracy in the U.S., we are also in solidarity with people in Nigeria who are putting their lives on the line, daily, to challenge corporate power and defend democracy.

Right now, people across Nigeria are mobilizing in the face of torture and extrajudicial killings to demand justice for police brutality, and to defend and reinforce Nigeria’s democracy. To learn more about the recent events in Nigeria watch this powerful interview with Aderonke Ige of Corporate Accountability and Public Participation Africa (CAPPA), our partner-organization based in Lagos, Nigeria. Then add your name and stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Nigeria.

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