December 2, 2019

Changing business as usual on climate

The U.N. climate treaty negotiations have kicked off in Madrid. Here’s what you need to know about Corporate Accountability and the 25th Conference of the Parties, or COP 25. (For those new to the ins and outs of the U.N. climate treaty, here’s a good primer on what a COP is.)

While global temperatures continue to rise amidst rampant climate devastation, and while the power of people around the world demanding just and urgent action grows, Big Polluters and the governments advancing their agenda are grasping to keep the status quo. At the same time, they’re using green-washing and marketing to produce a climate-friendly image.

We’re at the climate talks with our allies to change the status quo, to change business as usual. The U.N. climate treaty has the potential to create change at the very highest level. And what happens there—or doesn’t—has an impact on millions of people’s lives around the globe.

That’s why our team is on the ground organizing for real climate solutions and to safeguard against industry market-driven schemes. We’re also continuing the call to kick Big Polluters out and to Make Them Pay for the damage they knowingly caused. And we’re doing all this in close collaboration with allies on the front lines of the climate crisis, respecting their leadership and uplifting the solutions they have been advancing for decades.

For too long Big Polluters, their trade groups, and their mouthpieces, hand-in-hand with Global North governments, have been wielding their influence at U.N. climate treaty negotiations like these. For too long, they’ve caused stagnation and a lack of political will to implement bold climate solutions.

But their time is coming to an end. People’s movements around the world are rising to demand deep change. We’re there to hold Big Polluters accountable so the global community can advance real climate solutions rooted in justice.

Keep your eye on this space over the next two weeks. We’ll post updates and ways that you can take action to amplify what’s happening here in Madrid.

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