November 14, 2017

New climate political cartoons expose Big Polluters pulling strings of US at UN climate talks

To help expose the United States’ duplicitous role at the U.N. climate negotiations in Bonn and show that the U.S. is deep in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry, we partnered with cartoonist Pete Fallon to develop a few political cartoons (see below)!

At a time when the heat is ramping up on the U.S. and its connections to the fossil fuel industry have never been more clear (yesterday, a pro-fossil fuel talk was upended in protests), we need to make sure these cartoons reach people far and wide.

You can help us by amplifying them!

Below are a few sample posts you can share on social media and with friends and family.

Sample social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram:

Be sure to include one of the cartoons with these posts! 

  • What’s really keeping the US at the table at the UN climate talks? Hint: It’s not addressing climate change
  • The U.S. is the *only* country opposed to the #ParisAgreement, but the gov’t is still in the room. Who’s pulling the strings?
  • .@RealDonaldTrump is bringing Big Polluters’ agenda to UN climate talks and climate justice is suffering for it. Tell the US to stand down now! #COP23

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