September 25, 2018

Counter the corporate takeover of our democracy

Corporate power is devastating our democracy. But corporations go far beyond the obvious tactics like pumping money into elections and deploying lobbyists to advance their agenda. They also support and benefit from a concerted attack on our voting rights designed to undermine democracy and tilt power toward corporations and the wealthy few.

In the last two years, roughly 16 million people have been purged from voter rolls. As you might imagine, this disproportionately affects Black communities, other communities of color, young people, and cash-poor people.

Today is National Voter Registration Day. Will you take a moment to demand an end to the coordinated attack on our voting rights?

The purging of voter rolls is just one part of a coordinated attack on voting rights across the country. Polling places are being closed and voting hours are being cut back, making it more difficult to vote — especially for people who work multiple jobs and long hours to make ends meet. Voter suppression laws actively work to keep Black people and other people of color from voting. And funding for election security is scarce. No wonder voting participation rates are at all-time lows.

All of this works in the favor of corporations and the politicians doing their bidding. The fewer people who vote, the less accountable politicians are to “we the people.”

That’s why we’re joining with the Democracy Initiative to demand that local election officials across the U.S. ensure that all eligible voters are registered, are able to access the ballot, and that their votes will be counted.

Elections are essential for a functioning democracy, but even that is under attack. As a campaign organization, we mobilize people around the country (and the world) to hold corporations accountable. Our campaigns not only apply direct pressure to force corporations to end abusive actions, but also move policies that rein in corporate power. But those policies can only take hold when we have a thriving democracy — one that truly represents the voice and will of the people.

So today, National Voter Registration Day, I hope you’ll make sure that everyone’s voice can be heard. Sign the petition and demand:

  • A 21st-century voting system, in which all eligible voters are registered and every vote is counted.
  • An end to voter suppression laws such as voter ID laws.
  • A voting process that is both efficient and accessible through reforms like same-day registration, automatic voter registration, accessible and widespread early voting locations, and statewide vote-by-mail options.
  • Significant investment in electronic election security to reduce the possibility of digital election interference.

The Democracy Initiative coalition will deliver your signature to election officials across the country including governors, secretaries of state, and county clerks.

We can’t and won’t sit idly by. Corporations and the wealthy few can’t silence our collective voices or match our power. Join us as we demand that state officials enact policies that increase turnout, guarantee all eligible voters have the right to vote, and dramatically boost funding in election security.

Our right to vote is too important to be left in the hands of the super-wealthy and corporate interests.

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