June 9, 2021

Don’t believe Big Polluters’ lies

The world is facing an accelerating climate catastrophe. And as more and more people around the world demand climate justice, Big Polluters are attempting to position themselves as part of the solution, trumpeting plans for “net zero” carbon emissions.

Yet the science is clear: Net zero is not the answer. In fact, “net zero” is nothing more than Big Polluters’ latest scam to evade responsibility for the climate crisis and continue maintaining their profits.

Today, we’re launching a report that exposes the myth of these “net zero” pledges. For decades, Big Polluters like the fossil fuel industry have fueled climate denial, perpetuated environmental racism, and interfered in policy. And we want to make sure that governments and decision makers around the world know the truth by getting this report into their hands.

The truth is there simply isn’t a feasible way to accommodate for the current pace of fossil fuel pollution. This means that “net zero” climate targets are nothing to celebrate, despite what the fossil fuel industry says. In fact, polluting governments and corporations are using “net zero” plans to evade responsibility for the climate crisis while continuing to scale up fossil fuel extraction, burning, and emissions — further reinforcing the inequities at the heart of the climate crisis.

With the U.N. climate talks happening now and London Climate Action Week coming up soon, we’re organizing members like you to counter the fossil fuel industry’s narrative of this so-called “solution.” Add your name to our petition and demand that governments reject “net zero,” hold polluters accountable, and advance real solutions today!

In the last few months, we’ve partnered with climate justice allies from around the world to expose the myth of “net zero” pledges. Together, we’ve released several briefings explaining the many failings of “net zero” plans that enable Big Polluters to greenwash their polluting activities, disguise climate inaction and environmental racism, and delay the real solutions that have long needed to be implemented.

The science and math behind “net zero” simply does not add up — and our latest report clearly demonstrates how. In fact, “net zero” pledges risks even more damage to the climate — with devastating impacts first and foremost on the lives of people of color, Indigenous communities, and people in the Global South.

We have no more time to waste with Big Polluter-driven delays, denials, and distractions like “net zero.” Real climate leadership in this moment means real emissions reductions and real, just solutions.

Sign the petition today and call on government officials around the world to reject Big Polluters’ interference in climate policies.

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