March 15, 2019

Don’t let big polluters take over our coastline!

Many of you recently took action to oppose David Bernhardt, Trump’s nominee to lead the Department of the Interior (DOI). And if you needed one more reason to oppose this corporate shill, here it is:

With Bernhardt currently at the helm of the DOI, oil and gas corporations are angling to expand risky offshore drilling — and the DOI is poised to let them. 

This is exactly the wrong path at a moment when we need to act urgently to address the climate crisis, starting with keeping fossil fuels in the ground. This risks more detrimental and massive oil spills in our oceans like the Deepwater Horizon spill. This is exactly the kind of policy that happens when corporations are capturing our government, and we have to stop them.

Write to the DOI and tell them not to let Big Polluters drill off our coasts.

Right now, the DOI is taking public comments, and you can make it crystal clear that coastlines are not open for corporate profits.

Opening our coasts to more oil drilling is exactly the kind of pro-polluter actions that we can expect from a corporate shill like David Bernhardt at the helm of the Department of the Interior. But you and I know that the only way to counter this unacceptable corporate influence is for hundreds of thousands of us to speak out.

Write to the DOI now and tell them to stand with people, not Big Polluters, and to stop the expansion of reckless oil and gas drilling off our shores.

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