April 22, 2019

On Earth Day, take bold action for climate justice

Flag for Earth Day

This Earth Day, I’m feeling hopeful.

That may surprise you, given that my job is to think about climate change every single day.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s justifiable to look around right now and feel anger, or grief. From rampant wildfires to record-breaking floods, the climate crisis is already wreaking havoc on people’s lives. And all people are not affected equally. Around the globe, communities of color, low-income communities, and indigenous communities that have done the least to cause the climate crisis are already bearing the brunt of its impacts.

It’s clear: We’re at a turning point for the planet, and for people’s lives.

And I have hope because I can see the ways we are beginning to turn in the right direction.

Every single day, I talk to people like you around the world who know a different world is possible — and are building the movement to create that world. Will you join us? In recognition of Earth Day, join Corporate Accountability to power forward our campaign for climate justice.

There’s no doubt that we urgently need bold, decisive action. We need it now.

That’s why, around the world, people are taking action to hold Big Polluters — the very corporations that have simultaneously fueled and denied the climate crisis — accountable for their abuses. Policymakers and activists alike are championing the simple, but powerful, idea that Big Polluters should not be at the table crafting climate policy. Our elected officials are investigating fossil fuel corporations’ decades of climate deception and denial. And 400 organizations from around the world, with the support of hundreds of thousands of people like you from more than 130 countries, have put forward the People’s Demands for Climate Justice: a united roadmap for what truly just international climate policy looks like.

All of that brings me hope. The ground is shifting. Something is stirring.

We know we can succeed because we’ve already made much progress. And this year, we have bold plans to do even more to kick Big Polluters out of climate policy, hold the fossil fuel industry accountable, and advance truly just, visionary climate policy.

There’s no doubt the odds we’re facing are enormous. We’re up against the most powerful industry on the planet. But I know deeply that we can build a just future — with you, and the hundreds of thousands of other people who make up this movement, by our side.

Will you join us this Earth Day? Donate today and be part of this growing movement for climate justice.

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