January 10, 2019

Exxon’s Big Tobacco moment

Did you see the big news? Yesterday, the Supreme Court rejected Exxon’s latest attempt to avoid accountability for its decades of climate deception. Soon, we’ll learn more about what it’s been hiding.

This is a huge victory for the movement to protect democracy and our climate from Big Polluters. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey,1 clearing the way for a probe of Exxon’s internal documents to unearth how it misled the public on its knowledge of the role fossil fuels play in climate change.

This is our moment to hold Big Polluters like Exxon accountable for the damage they have done to our planet. Urge your state’s attorney general to join Attorney General Healey’s investigation. The more states that join, the more pressure we can put on Exxon and the rest of the fossil fuel industry.

Similar investigations of Big Tobacco in the 1990s led to the release of millions of internal documents. Along with grassroots pressure that people like you and organizations like Corporate Accountability built, these internal documents helped hold the deadly industry liable for its abuses.

Let’s make this Exxon’s Big Tobacco moment. Urge your state’s attorney general to launch an #ExxonKnew investigation.

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