October 24, 2012

Food MythBusters tells the real story

In 2012 we partnered with Anna Lappé, sustainable food advocate and author of Diet for a Hot Planet, to create Food MythBusters. Through videos, digital organizing, and media coverage, this initiative has reached over 7 million people and debunked some deep-seated myths about our food system, many of which are perpetuated by Big Ag and fast food corporations.

For starters, do we need industrial agriculture to feed the world? (Nope.) And what about junk food purchases? Are they solely driven by personal choice? (Not if you consider the billions of dollars fast food corporations spend each year on marketing, much of which is directed at children.)

Through this collaboration to tell the real story of what we eat, we’ve been part of a national movement to deeply examine the root causes of our broken food system — and to take action.

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