January 17, 2018

Hands off service workers’ tips!

Whose tips? Our tips!

People who work in restaurants and other service jobs rely on the tips they earn to make ends meet.

But the Trump administration, backed by the National Restaurant Association, is trying to ram through a new rule that would open the door for corporations to steal workers’ tips.

This regulation would allow corporations like Olive Garden and Applebee’s to take the tips away from the people who earn them.

But you can help block this outrageous regulation. Join us, Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, and others in calling on the Department of Labor to not hand tips over to corporations. Tell the Department of Labor: Tips belong to workers!

Time and again, the Trump administration has undone or refused to enforce rules that protect the rights and wages of working people. And now, he’s siding with corporations over tipped workers. More than two-thirds of tipped workers are women, and they experience disproportionate rates of poverty, discrimination, and sexual harassment. This rule could add to the unjust burden these workers are already bearing.

While the corporate front groups (like the National Restaurant Association) that are pushing for this rule say it’s about sharing tips among workers, nothing in the rule requires corporations to do so. The rule would actually let restaurant owners steal the tips of their workers, pocketing billions of dollars that workers earn every single year.

Right now, the department is taking public comments. We have until February 5 to make our voices heard!

Submit an official comment to the Department of Labor today and stand with workers by opposing this rule.

Together, we can show the Department of Labor how unjust this proposed rule is.

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