December 7, 2018

Happening now: Tell the EU to stop being Big Polluters’ pawn

I’m here at the global climate talks in Poland, and what I’m seeing is disturbing: Just as they’ve always done, Big Polluters are attempting to co-opt the talks and use their vast resources and power to set the world on a course toward catastrophic climate change.

Some of the top sponsors of the conference here are some of Poland’s biggest polluters. The U.S. delegation is hosting an official side event promoting fossil fuel corporations with industry executives, just like they did at last year’s climate talks. This gives the dirtiest of energy corporations undue credibility and a platform in the negotiations as governments decide how to address the climate crisis.

We’re not letting them get away with it. But we need your help.

The European Union (EU) claims to be a climate leader, but they’re not living up to that claim. Call the EU today to demand they stand with people, not Trump and Big Polluters.

Over the last few days, our team here at the negotiations has been organizing with other climate justice campaigners to ensure that your voice shines through. We’ve helped make the People’s Demands for Climate Justice a united global rallying cry. We held an event highlighting the path forward for climate justice, made global headlines to build visibility and pressure, and rallied with hundreds of activists to push for these just climate solutions.

We’re doing everything we can because we have a critical and narrow window to make sure governments commit to real solutions for climate justice, not dangerous schemes designed to benefit the fossil fuel industry.

As we organize here on the ground, will you amplify this call? Call the EU and tell them to stop siding with the Trump Administration and Big Polluters and stand with people around the world.

It’s time for the EU to stop being Big Polluters’ pawn.

With the Trump administration blatantly working on behalf of Big Polluters to stall climate action, the EU needs to stand with people.

The EU claims to be stronger on climate than the U.S., but it has been pushing Trump’s Big Polluters’ agenda behind the scenes.

We are working alongside European allies and people around the world to compel the EU to stand with its own people and millions around the world demanding equitable climate action.

Tell the EU to stand with people, not Trump and Big Polluters.

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