August 11, 2021

How we’re expanding the Make Big Polluters Pay movement in Latin America

Cartoon about how Big Polluters interfere with the climate negotiations.

Over the years, there has been a lot of impressive progress in the campaign to kick Big Polluters out and make them pay. From the United States to Nigeria, Vanuatu, Peru, and beyond, people and communities all over the world are demanding that Big Polluters pay for the damages they’ve fueled and caused.

With this in mind, we spent the last few months organizing with allies from across the world, such as Árvore Água, a Brazil-based collective of grassroots organizations focusing on climate and water justice. With thousands of followers on social media, Árvore Água has a wide reach in the Latin America region, particularly among Indigenous communities in Brazil.

Focusing specifically on the intersection of the climate crisis, transnational corporations, and human rights, we launched a social media campaign, created multi-lingual educational materials, and co-published a booklet about the Make Big Polluters Pay movement. Our campaign raised the visibility of the role of Big Polluters in fueling climate change and its impacts in Latin America and the Caribbean. It also highlighted the struggles of our Latin American allies and their leadership in challenging corporate power and advancing real solutions to address the climate crisis in the region.

Movement building is an integral part of our campaigns. We know that we cannot achieve systemic change alone and our partnership with Árvore Água will go a long way in expanding our climate campaign in Latin America and the Caribbean. Your support is critical to connecting our work to similar struggles and movements worldwide.

Check out more educational materials from Árvore Água on social media.

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