May 21, 2023

How you can join in the Anti-Chevron week of action

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the first Anti-Chevron day of action. And this year, communities who have been directly impacted by Chevron’s abuses, with activists, and organizers around the world are taking action starting today and continuing throughout the coming week in the lead-up to Chevron’s annual shareholders’ meeting.

We wanted to give you a sense of what’s going on, who is taking action, and how you can get involved in calling out Chevron for its abuses.

At a time when systemic transformation and climate justice are urgently needed, Chevron is continuing to spur harm and delay justice for communities affected by its operations and environmental disasters across the globe — from Ecuador to Richmond, California, to the Niger Delta and Argentina.

That’s why this year, to commemorate Anti-Chevron Week, communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis and that are directly impacted by Chevron’s abuses are taking action in countries across the globe to demand justice.

We are calling on people around the globe to join with those taking action this week. Here’s how:

  • Watch and share the videos from UDAPT and Confederación Mapuche de Neuquén speaking about how they and their communities have been impacted by Chevron.
  • Check out the in-person day of action hosted by the Richmond Our Power CoalitionTrue Cost of Chevron, and others happening later today in Richmond, California.
  • Stand in solidarity with UDAPT, and communities across Latin America, that have been seeking justice for Chevron’s environmental crimes in the Ecuadorian Amazon for nearly 3 decades.
  • Follow and share the stories from the Kebetkache Women Development & Resource Centre on Facebook and Twitter, who are demanding that Chevron be held accountable for environmental degradation, pollution, and food insecurity.
  • Support the Confederación Mapuche de Neuquén as they call out Chevron for continuing to fuel the destruction of Indigenous lands, territories, and ways of life — all in the name of profit. Their actions will be posted on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Stay tuned for an action later this week demanding that BlackRock, one of Chevron’s largest financiers and shareholders, divest from Chevron and stop being complicit in enabling the abuse of communities around the world and fueling the climate crisis.

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