May 24, 2018

McDonald’s shareholders’ meeting: I’m speaking out today

Protesters at McDonald's shareholders' meeting

Today I’ll be attending the McDonald’s shareholders’ meeting.

I’m there to deliver your message to CEO Steve Easterbrook: McDonald’s must stop exploiting people and the planet to pursue its own profit.

Over the last few weeks, tens of thousands of people like you sent McDonald’s executives a message demanding they stop abusing our food system. Today my team and I will amplify those demands. We’ll look McDonald’s executives in the eye and let them know that people across the country are demanding change. No more toxic pesticides on the fields that grow potatoes bound for McDonald’s. No more predatory marketing at schools and hospitals. And no more abusive labor practices that keep people in poverty.

I’m not going to lie: It’s nerve-wracking to speak truth to corporate power in meetings like this. But knowing that thousands of people are standing with me as I demand accountability from wealthy executives helps give me the strength I need.

For 40 years, Corporate Accountability has attended shareholders’ meetings to bring people’s demands straight to the top-decision makers and the shareholders they need to impress. It’s a smart, bold tactic that inserts your voice in a space meant to shut you out. And it’s a great way to get our message in front of the press that covers these events.

From McDonald’s today to ExxonMobil later this spring, we’re organizing around shareholders’ meeting to bring your demands straight to the top. But we can’t do it without you. Be part of speaking truth to power. Give now and a generous donor will triple your gift!

Together we will show the world’s most dangerous corporations that we’re watching and holding them accountable.

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