September 15, 2020

Spread the word: It’s time for Big Polluters to pay up

Big Polluters have knowingly fueled the climate crisis for decades. They’ve raked in vast profits at the expense of people’s lives — from Black and Indigenous communities in the U.S. to people across the Global South. Now, Big Polluters are even attempting to profit from the COVID-19 pandemic. They are demanding government bailouts and rolling out PR schemes that paint them as saviors in this crisis.

You and I know Big Polluters should be paying for the damages they caused — and continue to cause — not getting handouts.

For years, communities on the front lines of the climate crisis have led the way in demanding real solutions to address the climate crisis. Last year, people like you, alongside a global coalition of international climate justice allies, came together to launch the global call to Make Big Polluters Pay. And today, we’re unveiling a new tool to power up the global movement for climate justice: the Liability Roadmap.

Join the global day of action right now by sharing this illustration and the link to the roadmap on social media.

The liability road map is a concrete offering to decision-makers and governments all over the world from people and organizers, led by and created in collaboration with those on the front lines of climate change. It provides step-by-step guidance for decision-makers to hold Big Polluters liable for the harm they knowingly cause people and the planet.

Now, we need to make sure decision-makers around the globe see — and use — the Liability Roadmap. Join thousands of people and organizations for a global day of action. Spread the word by sharing an illustration on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Tell your friends and family. Raise your voice and demand that Big Polluters pay!

Will you share the following illustration on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn so that we can get this new tool into the hands of elected officials at all levels?

Together, we can hold Big Polluters liable — financially and legally — for the devastation they cause. Together, we can advance climate justice. Thank you for being a part of this movement.

Image by: Amira Arshad

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