November 6, 2019

Member Spotlight: Jessie Bluedorn

Jessie Bluedorn corporate accountability member and activist

Why did you get involved in the Corporate Accountability Giving Circle?

A lot of the resources I have access to are a direct result of my family’s corporate successes. So I’m interested in how I can use my position to impact the changes I want to see. I work primarily around issues of climate
justice, so I am most drawn to Corporate Accountability’s climate campaign. I’m very invested in campaigning for fossil fuel liability, and excited about how the resources gained from holding the fossil fuel industry accountable can be reinvested in communities that have been most affected by the climate crisis.

On that note, what do you think is unique about Corporate Accountability’s climate campaign?

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in these big issues, and not have a clear plan forward. I’m in awe of the clarity and strategy that’s present in all of Corporate Accountability’s work. Seeing the connectivity between the success of the tobacco campaign, and then understanding how that success and that framework can be brought forward to rein in the fossil fuel industry—that seems so smart and strategic. And, it’s been really amazing to see the significant seat at the table that Global South allies have. It’s clear that the strategy is influenced by all of the people who should be at the table.

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