June 17, 2020

Join us this week for action #BlackLivesMatter

Led by Black racial justice organizations across the country, people have taken to the streets in cities and towns in all 50 states across the U.S. in outrage over police and vigilante violence toward and murder of Black people. While the protests were spurred by the brutal killing of George Floyd, they also are a visceral response to four centuries of violent social and economic systems rooted in white supremacy, targeting Black people.

This is a moment of enormous opportunity to make real and significant changes. Changes that will bring justice for all Black people and build a future where all Black people thrive. Ideas that might have seemed impossible just a few weeks ago, like defunding the police1, are taking hold of the public imagination and policymakers are responding.

In this context, the Movement for Black Lives asked organizations and people across the country to come together in one voice to proclaim that Black Lives Matter. They are organizing three days of action, kicking off on Juneteenth, a day that honors Black freedom and Black resistance, and centers Black people’s unique contribution to the struggle for justice in the U.S.

These days of action will be focused on the demands to defund the police, invest in Black communities, and call for the resignation of Donald Trump. You can participate in person or digitally.
The safest communities in America are places that don’t center the police. There are examples in every state: neighborhoods where wealthy, well-connected, and well-off people live, or anywhere there is easy access to living wages, healthcare, quality public education, and freedom from police terror. So let’s shift the massive amounts of money states and cities spend on police that don’t keep us safe, and reinvest it into a shared vision of community safety that actually works.

This aligns with Corporate Accountability’s vision of a world where safety and well-being is based on cooperation and community controlled decision-making.

Our values, mission, and campaigns are inextricably linked to the liberation of all Black folks and the end to anti-Black systemic racism. We believe that the root causes of injustice must be eliminated, and anti-Black racism is at the root of so much of the injustice we seek to dismantle. The transformative change we seek is impossible without the end to systemic racism.

As a membership organization, Corporate Accountability regularly communicates with hundreds of thousands of people like you. We ask you to take action, and you do. That’s powerful, and we take this responsibility and privilege seriously.

So in this moment where Black leaders are calling for all hands on deck, we are excited to reach out to you and ask you to take part in this transformational moment.

Sign up to get involved and learn more about the context, demands, principles guiding these days of action. And if you can, please pitch in to support the Movement for Black Lives and their powerful organizing.

I am inspired and honored to be following the leadership of Black organizers in taking concrete actions toward creating a just, liberatory, and loving world. I hope you will join us.

Photo Credit: Movement for Black Lives, SixNineteen

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