March 12, 2024
The Black Collective

The Black Collective stands in solidarity with Palestinian liberation

Corporate Accountability Black Collective stands in unequivocal solidarity with our organization in support of the Palestinian people. As Black individuals committed to collective liberation, we mourn and condemn the catastrophic stand in mourning and condemnation of the catastrophic violence inflicted by the state of Israel upon the people of Palestine. The loss of Gaza’s killings now exceeds 30,000, including over 12,000 children, and the injury of over 65,000 individuals is a grave injustice that cannot be ignored.

The forced displacement of over 1.7 million Palestinians, stripped of their homes, shelters, and evacuation routes amidst relentless bombings, is an appalling violation of human rights. We reject the attempts by the Israeli government, its allies, and Western media to dehumanize and justify the mass killing of the Palestinian people. Such efforts only serve to perpetuate the cycle of violence and oppression.

We recognize Israel as an occupying power that flagrantly disregards international law and systematically violates the rights of the Palestinian population. Throughout history, Black writers and civil rights leaders, including Malcolm X, Angela Davis, and Jesse Jackson, have drawn parallels between the struggles of Black Americans and Palestinians, both subjected to state violence, dispossession, and systemic injustice.

As Angela Davis, activist, academic, feminist, and philosopher noted, “Palestinian activists have long supported the Black people’s struggle against racism. When I was in jail, solidarity coming from Palestine was a major source of courage for me. In Ferguson, Palestinians were the first to express international solidarity. … We have a profound responsibility to support Palestinian struggles.”

Angela Davis, iconic Black American social activist, academic, feminist and philosopher.

We firmly assert that the collective punishment inflicted upon Palestinians in Gaza constitutes a clear violation of international law and amounts to a war crime. Our solidarity with the Palestinian people is an act of defiance against oppression and occupation. We call for an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the pursuit of justice, dignity, and self-determination for all Palestinians.

In solidarity, the Black Collective

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