January 18, 2017

You made Obama’s Hail Mary possible

You just made a huge victory possible! Thank you!

I just got word that President Obama released $500 million to the Green Climate Fund. And you were a big part of the movement that made this happen. Nearly 100,000 people like you took action to urge the Obama administration to fulfill the U.S.’s commitment to climate justice.

This money will now fund projects for people dealing with the disastrous effects of climate change — and who have done the least to cause it. And it sends a strong signal to the rest of the world that we must move forward in tackling climate change — no matter who is in the White House. Obama’s release of this money is likely to also spur other countries to fulfill their commitments to this fund. This means even more money going to countries to protect the lives and livelihood of their people from climate change — and transition more quickly to sustainable energy sources.

This is a huge win. I hope you are as proud of this victory as I am. It shows the impact people can have when they take action together. This is a powerful beginning of our resistance to Trump’s agenda to expand corporate power.

Will you take a minute to send a quick note of thanks to President Obama for taking action on climate justice before he leaves office?

When we first called on President Obama to keep the U.S.’s promise to help fund climate justice, we knew it wouldn’t be easy to move the Obama administration on a short time period, with all the other important work they were wrapping up. But we knew we had to make it happen — and nearly 100,000 people like you, and over a hundred organizations, agreed.

Your commitment to this action was so inspiring. When sending the petition to the White House didn’t get results, we ramped up the pressure. Hundreds of you stepped up to call the White House and the State Department to make sure your voice was heard.

And it worked. Your actions got results to the tune of $500 million!

Now, the Green Climate Fund isn’t perfect, and it’s not all the money the world needs to address climate change. But we demanded the release of $2.5 billion dollars. With your pressure, Obama had no choice but to release $500 million. It isn’t the full amount we demanded, but it is a big victory to advance climate justice.

You and I and all the people who stepped up to take action — we aren’t limited by what seem politically feasible. We are motivated by the vision of the world we need to create together. When so many are playing defense in the face of Trump’s election, we went on the offense.

The result? The first big victory in our resistance to Trump’s agenda. And we’re just going to keep going. Because we have to. It’s going to be even more necessary as Trump gets sworn in and his corporate cronies like Rex Tillerson, recently retired CEO of Exxon Mobil, start making policy decisions.

But right now, you made a huge victory possible. Take a big breath. Do a little happy dance. And rejoice in the power of our voices, together, demanding action on climate justice.

You made this happen, and I’m so inspired to continue our work for climate justice shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

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