December 30, 2018

Make your final 2018 gift

We’re making progress, but we’re still shy of our goal and need your help. It is vital that we make the most of this match opportunity so that we can launch into 2019 as strong as possible to keep up our lifesaving campaigns for climate justice, the human right to water, democracy, and more.

Before midnight, December 31, all donations made will be matched up to $100,000. If you’ve been waiting to make your gift, now is the perfect time to make your final tax-deductible 2018 donation.

I know you understand how crucial this work is and I hope you’ll join us once again to make a huge difference on a global level.

Your partnership makes an enormous impact. At the global climate talks this month, you were with us as we partnered with allies and Global South governments to advance climate justice in the face of overwhelming corporate interference. With your support in our people-powered movement, we can bend the arc toward justice — not just on climate change, but for our human right to water, our food system, health, and our democracy. The stakes have never been higher for people and our planet. Make your gift now to help us challenge corporate power in the months ahead.

Time is running out to make your final donation for 2018. Make your gift to our 2018 Matching Gift Challenge before MIDNIGHT TOMORROW!

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