December 5, 2017

Member spotlight: Ashanti Jackson

Ashanti Jackson

In honor of International Volunteer Day, I want to recognize Ashanti Jackson for his contributions to Corporate Accountability. As a member of the Corporate Accountability Action League, Ashanti has supported communities across the U.S. in mobilizing to stop water privatization. Ashanti wants to ensure the voices of young people of color are fully reflected in movements for justice. A Boston resident, Ashanti also supports this work as a monthly donor.

Here, we asked Ashanti to share a little more about his story and why he organizes with Corporate Accountability.

With the Action League, you’re helping people resist water privatization. What motivates you to challenge corporate control of water?

It’s very simple. Water privatization means limiting people’s access to water. Water shouldn’t be controlled by a corporation or coming out of a vending machine. You shouldn’t have to spend $2 or $4 on a bottle of water. Water is a fundamental right, and our systems should be public.

Why did you get involved with Corporate Accountability and the Action League?

I would love to see more young people involved. And I want to help ensure we are getting more people of color involved as well. It can be difficult, because many people of color often have to focus on other priorities. And really, that’s why I’m involved: because I didn’t have the privilege to prioritize these issues growing up. So I want to help bring in the diversity of voices that will make this organizing as effective as possible.

Corporations are swaying policy — that’s where the power is. So when you use an efficient approach like Corporate Accountability does, there’s so much more impact down the line. And that’s important, because we have a lot of work to do. That level of impact is what I admire about Corporate Accountability.

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