September 12, 2021

Member spotlight: Sayre Sheldon

Sayre Sheldon

Sayre is a human rights activist, philanthropic partner, and longtime supporter of Corporate Accountability. She is active in the anti-nuclear and climate justice movements. This interview was featured in the Spotlight newsletter.

How did you first become involved with Corporate Accountability?

I was—and continue to be—active in the anti-nuclear weapons movement, particularly through Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND), anorganization I co-founded to advocate for nuclear nonproliferation. At the time, Corporate Accountability was organizing against General Electric and their role in manufacturing nuclear weapons. It seemed inevitable that I would try to combine our work together and since then, I’ve been a strong supporter of Corporate Accountability and its campaigns.

In addition to WAND, you’re also actively involved with the group known as Elders for Climate Justice. Why are you committed to organizing around the climate crisis?

The heatwaves that have rocked the U.S. this summer are proof that climate change is not only inevitable, but it’s also already here. And having been involved in the anti-nuclear movement for so long, I see a lot of parallels between it and the climate justice movement. The biggest parallel, of course, is that both are existential threats that we need to confront and stop.

How do you see your role in creating social change?

I believe that everyone has a part in doing what they can to support the causes they believe in. I’m turning 95 in September and I’ve been involved in organizing for social justice for a very long time. I’ve seen firsthand how people power can change the status quo, both through my work with Corporate Accountability and elsewhere. And after all these years, I still feel extremely hopeful about the future. I know I can’t stop organizing yet because there’s too much at stake.

Photo credit: Jon Chase Photo

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