January 19, 2017

Member spotlight: Tessa Sage Flores

Tessa Flores is a wife, mother, grandmother, water rights activist, and steward of a nature sanctuary in upstate New York. She has been a member since 1978.

My involvement with Corporate Accountability International began in 1978, shortly after the birth of my first child in December 1977. I was horrified that Nestlé was promoting infant formula over breast milk. So I joined the boycott, encouraged others to do the same, and I donated to Infact.

Now I am active in a campaign to stop an energy company from turning the Seneca Lake area in New York into a fracked gas transportation and storage hub for the entire Northeast. This struggle exemplifies what Corporate Accountability International does: challenging corporations that threaten people’s drinking water, livelihoods, and well-being. Corporate Accountability International is standing up and speaking truth to power. I am inspired by that example.

Your work with climate is also very important. We must act to kick huge polluting corporations out of the climate talks. We’re living in one of the very last possible moments to affect the progression of climate change. Now is the time to throw everything we’ve got into this battle. It is our sacred responsibility to act as stewards of the environment. We’ve got to do this.

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