March 27, 2020

No bailouts for Big Polluters!

People continue to suffer through the profound effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the emerging economic recession, selflessly offering mutual aid and assistance to one another. But at the same time, Big Polluters like the fossil fuel industry and the aviation industry are instead trying to cash in on Congress’ emergency relief legislation.

The relief bill proposal that the Senate passed once again puts the harmful interests of polluters over people, even in the face of an equally profound climate crisis that also requires our immediate attention. This is far from the systemic change we need to provide just, equitable and long-term relief directly to people. It includes lavish bailouts to corporations, but little immediate help for so many people facing urgent issues. This bill doesn’t have a moratorium on water and utility shutoffs. This bill does not have strong protections for workers. This bill provides a pittance of relief directly to people, while creating a truly appalling multi-trillion dollar slush fund for corporations.

This is outrageous. People are suffering and dying. Any aid needs to go directly to people most impacted by this pandemic immediately, not in a few weeks or months. This is not the moment for Big Polluters like the fossil fuel industry and aviation industry to cynically exploit a global tragedy to bolster its profits. Write to your members of Congress and demand aid to people, not polluters and corporate interests.

We must make it clear to our elected officials right now that people, not corporations, must be their priority for any relief bills considered. Write to your members of Congress now and demand a bill that provides immediate relief for communities most impacted by COVID-19. Demand they immediately prioritize a just transition away from fossil fuels and to a regenerative economy which centers Black, Indigenous, Latinx and Global South communities.

We stand alongside hundreds of allied organizations calling on Congress to put people over profits by opposing bailouts for the fossil fuel industry. And we need you to raise your voice too to make this demand unavoidable. Write to your member of Congress now.


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