March 30, 1992

Oscar-winning documentary exposes GE

“Deadly Deception: General Electric, Nuclear Weapons and Our Environment” exposed the terrifying human and environmental cost of General Electric’s role in nuclear weapons development. The hard-hitting documentary film released by Corporate Accountability International won an Academy Award in 1992 for Best Documentary: Short Subject.

The film portrayed the lives of GE employees and residents living near GE’s plants who suffered from cancer-related death and disease. It also documented the organization’s GE Boycott and Nuclear Weaponmakers Campaign, a grassroots movement that helped compel GE to get out of the nuclear weapons business.

Produced by filmmaker Debra Chasnoff, “Deadly Deception” has been televised in more than 60 countries with a TV viewership of more than one billion.

A year after the film won the Oscar, GE got out of the nuclear weapons business altogether, removing a powerful influence in policy-making.

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