April 26, 2018

People or polluters?

Multiple people at a rally holding signs that read Kick Big Polluters Out!

In just a few days, world leaders will gather to shape the fate of our planet: They’re meeting to turn the landmark Paris Agreement from a set of lofty goals into concrete climate policy. By the end of the year, governments will finalize those policies.

We have a critical and narrow window to make sure the guidelines commit governments to real solutions that will advance climate justice, not dangerous distractions designed to benefit Big Polluters.

Our team is heading to the climate talks right now in order to ensure the Paris Agreement advances justice. You can help ensure they succeed. Here’s how: Tell the European Union (EU) to stand with the people, not Trump and polluters, by kicking corporations like Exxon Mobil and Shell, and those doing their bidding, out of the climate talks.

With the Trump administration blatantly working on behalf of Big Polluters to stall climate action, the EU needs to walk the walk and stand for climate justice.

But while the EU claims to be a climate champion, it has been pushing Trump’s Big Polluters’ agenda as well. For example, people across the EU and governments representing nearly 70 percent of the world’s population have called for a policy that would keep Big Polluters from interfering in the climate talks. But instead of listening to the people, the EU delegates have been pushing to keep Big Polluters and their cronies at the table.

We are working alongside European allies and people around the world to compel the EU to stand with its own people and millions around the world demanding climate justice, not with Trump and Big Polluters.

We need to ensure the EU truly embodies climate championship at this critical time. Tell the EU to kick Big Polluters out of the climate talks once and for all.

The last thing the EU wants is to be seen as siding with the Trump administration and Big Polluters — even if that’s exactly what they’ve been doing behind closed doors. We must show them that the world is watching, and we are demanding more!

Take action now and urge the EU to stand with people, not Trump and Big Polluters.

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