November 1, 2016

People to Big Polluters: Get out of climate policy

People across the Global South organized to Kick Big Polluters Out.

All over the world people are getting to the root of the problem when it comes to climate change: the fossil fuel industry and other big polluters. And they are demanding change.

This month, people across the Global South came together, united in their call to Kick Big Polluters Out.

Corporate Accountability International partnered with grassroots climate justice groups who organized the events, including International Youth Council Kenya (IYC Kenya), DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) Climate Change Network, SUPRO (Campaign for Good Governance) in Bangladesh, Powershift Malaysia, and Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (ERA).

From SUPRO’s human chain outside the National Press Club in Dhaka and to ERA’s rallying Oloibiri oilfield (also part of the Break Free from Fossil Fuels week of action), these groups exposed the abuses of fossil fuel corporations in their countries.

They demanded that policymakers take decisive action to address the corrosive influence of the fossil fuel industry on climate policy, especially in spaces like the U.N. climate treaty.

These events took place just as government officials gathered for talks on the U.N. climate treaty. The media that followed gave delegates food for thought on just how much the fossil fuel industry has shaped climate policy to date.

Check out the coverage in Kenya.

We will continue to work with climate justice groups and policymakers around the world to ensure that together, we protect climate policy from the influence of polluting industries. It’s the only way we’ll make progress toward securing just and effective policy on climate change.

Top photo: Action in Nigeria led by Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (ERA) and the Health of Mother Earth Foundation.

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