March 30, 2017

The People’s Climate Movement needs you


There is an exciting set of actions taking place on April 29. People from across the country will be converging on Washington, D.C., and in their home towns to demand climate justice at a People’s Climate event.

I can’t overstate how important this climate mobilization is. With fossil fuel corporations actively shaping White House climate policy, it is crucial that the people’s demand for climate justice is loud, clear, and undeniable.

The Trump administration and its climate-change denying corporate shills are literally gutting federal environmental protections and cutting climate change research. You probably heard that earlier this month the White House proposed cutting the EPA’s budget by 30%. And the administration’s position on the UN climate treaty and the Clean Power Plan is being shaped by former CEO of Exxon Mobil, now Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, and other fossil fuel executives.

But here’s the thing — we’re not just sitting on the sidelines. Our movement is rising to hold fossil fuel corporations accountable and demand climate justice. Are you with us?

You can help make sure that the People’s Climate Movement on April 29 turns out to be the largest, most powerful climate justice march this country has ever seen. You can be part of showing the TRUE position of the U.S. on climate change: it’s real, and we — as one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gasses — must take action now.

Donate today to make sure the message of the People’s Climate Movement makes a huge impact on April 29 — and beyond.

This isn’t the first time the climate justice movement has come together to demand action. Earlier this year, nearly 100,000 like you came together to demand that Obama release money for climate justice before he left office. And he did.

Now, the leaders of our new corporate accountability action league are organizing up a storm again. They are connecting with people like you who are passionate about taking action on climate and ensuring they turn out to the march in Washington, D.C. and at other local events across the country.

Imagine the impact of this powerful mobilization on April 29 that will span hundreds of organizations and movements. Together, we’ll stand up to the Trump administration’s expansion of corporate power at the expense of our health and safety, and demand climate justice.

Your generous gift will help hold corporations accountable and secure climate justice — on April 29 and beyond. Can we count on you to power this work?

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Our Movement Needs You
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