March 22, 2018

Stand with students demanding sensible protections from gun violence!

We cannot allow one more child to be shot or killed at school.

That’s the mission behind Saturday’s nationwide march, the March For Our Lives, led by the students who survived the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, on February 14.

These courageous students are organizing to challenge the gun industry’s deadly agenda. And despite the vice grip this industry — and its lobbying arm the National Rifle Association (NRA) — has had on the national conversation for decades, student voices and actions are breaking through. They’ve refocused the conversation on ensuring that kids, and others, are safe from gun violence.

They’re demanding a ban on the assault weapons most used in mass shootings, a prohibition on the sale of high-capacity magazines, and the closure of the loophole in the background check law that allows anyone to buy a gun.

So, on Saturday, as students take on the gun industry and the NRA’s deadly agenda, and demand real protections from gun violence, join us and stand in solidarity. Here is what you can do right now to support them:

As a mother of two, it is terrifying to see mass shootings like Parkland, Sandy Hook, and countless others happening with increasing frequency. And it’s infuriating to see how time and again, the gun industry and the NRA block commonsense protections for our kids.

Together, let’s stand with the students turning the tide on this deadly industry.


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