May 3, 2016

Introducing a new tool to stop McTeacher’s Nights

McTeacher’s Nights are one of the most insidious ways McDonald’s targets our children. At these events, McDonald’s enlists teachers to sell fast food and sugary drinks to students, exploiting teacher-student relationships for unparalleled brand marketing.

McDonald’s gets free labor and the kind of marketing money cannot buy, while schools receive a pittance and students end up footing the bill for a lifetime of diet-related disease.

This is wrong. And it needs to stop.

That’s why this week, in partnership with Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, we are breaking the spell of McDonald’s marketing with a great new resource.

Download the toolkit here.

Our Stop McTeacher’s Nights Action Center is an easy-to-use tool for you to take action and stop McTeacher’s Nights in your community.

In this action center you’ll find all the essentials: information about McTeacher’s Nights, who is organizing to stop them, where they have been held, and how little money they raise. And you’ll find tools for concerned people like you to stop these events in their schools and school districts. You’ll even find links to alternative fundraising ideas.

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