May 24, 2023

Take action! Demand BlackRock divest from Chevron now!

Blue and red Chevron logo rises flames. The corporation's tagline, "energy is at the heart of everything that we do," with the word energy scratched out in red and destruction written above it, is positioned above the logo.

In the lead up to Chevron’s annual shareholders’ meeting next week, and timed with the international anti-Chevron week of action, we’ve just released a hard-hitting exposé calling out Chevron’s junk climate action and how its purported green actions are likely intensifying global harm.

And the exposé is already garnering attention. It was released alongside an exclusive in The Guardian, which wrote an incredible piece about the report and the actions taking place this week.

The exposé calls into question Chevron’s proclaimed climate action and its rebranded ‘climate and human friendly’ image. The exposé also shows that more than 93% of Chevron’s carbon offsets, which make up a central component of its so-called ‘climate action’, are problematic — they appear to be junk, and many are linked to claims of local community harm, environmental degradation, and/or may even be fueling further emissions. And almost all of these harms reportedly caused have been inflicted on communities in the Global South.

It’s clear that Chevron is not acting in the best interest of people and the planet, but instead taking actions that are not just presumably useless, but harmful to the environment, communities, and the global effort to address the climate crisis.

That’s why we’re joining this global week of action against Chevron by asking one of its biggest investors and shareholders, BlackRock, to divest from Chevron. And we’re doing it publicly so BlackRock feels the pressure. Will you add your name and take action?

The exposé we just released, and the media coverage it has already garnered, put direct pressure on the corporation to stop greenwashing and harming communities and the environment. But nothing scares major corporations like the prospect of losing money, losing investors, and losing financing.

And BlackRock is one of Chevron’s biggest investors. That means through its financial support of Chevron, BlackRock is enabling reckless fossil fuel expansion, community harm, and junk climate action.

So in light of the damning findings of our exposé, we’re demanding that BlackRock divest from Chevron. And we need you to make that demand visible and unavoidable. Will you take a minute to take action?

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