October 18, 2018

Take the next step to end McTeacher’s Nights


Thousands of people like you have demanded an end to McTeacher’s Nights, predatory and abusive marketing events McDonald’s uses to market its junk food in schools.

Now I’m hoping you’ll take the next step: organizing in your own community to stop McTeacher’s Nights. Download our organizing toolkit for all the resources and information you need to get your PTO, school board, or city council to reject marketing in schools.

With a growing national movement to stop McTeacher’s Nights, now is the most strategic time to get your own community involved.

McDonald’s knows the power of marketing to children, and it knows that weaseling its way into schools gets it the kind of marketing money can’t buy. That’s why we’re building a movement of communities across the country making crystal clear that McDonald’s marketing has no place in our schools.

Will you be a part of growing this movement and ending McTeacher’s nights? It’s easy to get involved! Just download our organizing toolkit. It has step-by-step instructions on how to get your local PTO, school board, or local government to take a stand against McTeacher’s Nights. After you download the toolkit, one of our organizers will get in touch to help get you started.

Thanks again for being part of this growing movement.

Corporate Accountability
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