October 13, 2017

TAKE ACTION: Big Polluters and the US have to stop undermining climate policy

The Trump administration says it is pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement of the U.N. climate treaty.

Here’s the thing: the U.S. is actually not leaving the negotiations. In fact, it’s continuing to attend the climate treaty meeting solely for the purposes of bullying the rest of the world into advancing the fossil fuel industry’s obstructionist agenda.

The truth is, when it comes to the climate treaty negotiations, the United States has always been a powerful player pushing for toothless climate policy. The U.S. delegation has always served the interests of Big Polluters over the planet and people. But the slick PR coming from the White House has often hidden this oily agenda.

Now, there’s no hiding. Just look at the man leading the State Department under Trump: former Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson. The fossil fuel industry is showing its hand in pushing its agenda more aggressively — and more frantically — than ever before. And, as Naomi Klein has pointed out, this is a sign that people power is winning.

But it’s up to us to give Big Polluters the final push — out in the open and out of climate policy.

Act Now

Tell the U.S. government: Stand down and stop undermining UN climate talks.

Tell Rex Tillerson and Trump’s administration: “Stand down! Stop undermining the climate talks.”

From Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Puerto Rico to the wildfires of the American West, the impacts of climate change are here and impossible to ignore. And Trump’s reprehensible response to the disaster in Puerto Rico is a clear demonstration of the utter lack of regard he and his administration have for how climate change is currently devastating the lives of people of color — both within and outside of the political boundaries of the United States.

But while the world comes together to implement solutions to the climate crisis, the Trump administration is doing everything it can to undermine the process – from refusing to honor its financial commitments, to stalling and blocking critical climate policies that would save lives.

That’s why we’re standing in solidarity with our allies across the Global South to expose the U.S. role in the U.N. climate treaty talks.

We must stand up to the U.S. government’s bullying on the international stage and support countries around the world who know a different kind of climate policy is possible.

That’s why a team of Corporate Accountability organizers and experts are heading to the climate talks in early November.

Will you have our backs?

Tell the Trump administration to stand down and stop undermining the climate talks so the world can advance people-first climate policy. We’ll deliver your signature to the U.S. delegation in person at the U.N. climate talks in November.

Signing the petition is just the beginning. There’s a lot more to do to challenge Big Polluters and the Trump administration. Check out our organizing toolkit for tangible ways you can make a difference in ensuring progress on climate policy. You’ll be part of a nationwide movement of people across the country standing up to the U.S. government’s bullying on the international stage, and supporting countries around the world who know a different kind of climate policy is possible.

Thanks for all you do.

Corporate Accountability
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