December 14, 2018

Together we can free democracy and human dignity from corporate power

We have all it takes right now to make real democracy possible in the U.S., a democracy in which we each have a rewarding part to play.

Real democracy is not only possible, it’s achievable. I feel certain about that, but only as we work together to build our collective power. We’re told that people across the U.S. are too “polarized” to come together, but there’s tremendous unity in our outrage over the undermining of our democracy by corporate power and politicians beholden to big money.

Becoming a member of Corporate Accountability is a powerful way to help push back and create a democracy that answers to people.

When you make a gift right now, you’ll directly contribute to sustaining the global movement to hold abusive corporations accountable.

And through December 31, every gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $100,000, by a small group of donors who believe in building a truly democratic world too. Will you help meet this challenge?

For more than 40 years, Corporate Accountability has taken on the most abusive corporations, starting with Nestlé, whose deceptive infant formula marketing practices were putting babies in peril. And they’ve won. I wrote about Corporate Accountability, then known as Infact, in my 1971 book “Diet for A Small Planet”, and I’ve been a huge fan of their work since. Corporate Accountability continues to do some of the most valuable work in advancing justice and dignity for all. I love the way they harness people power to unflinchingly challenge powerful transnational corporations that distort democratic institutions.

Just days ago, because of members just like you and me, a strong team from Corporate Accountability landed in Poland. As I write this, that team is organizing at the heart of vital climate treaty negotiations that are charting the future of our planet and so many people’s lives. The Corporate Accountability team is there to organize for just solutions to climate change and to stop the dangerous schemes Big Polluters and their allies are promoting to protect their own profits — at the expense of people and the planet. And they are making headlines and making headway in the face of widespread corporate interference.1

The Corporate Accountability team is in Poland for you and me. Let’s be there for them by helping to power their work.

Join me in making a gift to support Corporate Accountability’s ongoing work to make sure the promise of building real democracy doesn’t take a back seat during this political moment. Remember, through December 31, every gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $100,000. Together, we will change the world. Join people just like you and me and donate today.

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