June 19, 2019

Watch: What’s going on at the global climate talks?

Today is a big day at the climate talks in Bonn: This afternoon, governments will have the opportunity to discuss the topic of conflicts of interest for the first time this session — and Global North governments and Big Polluters have already amped up pressure to try to shut it down.

We need to turn up the heat to show the world is watching — and to be in solidarity with the Global South governments standing up for climate justice inside the negotiating halls.

Watch this short video we produced with our allies, then share it widely on Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word. Together, we can kick Big Polluters out and finally begin advancing true, just solutions to the climate crisis.

This blog post is part of “Polluters out, people in!“–our series of dispatches from the global climate talks in Germany. Read more here.

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