February 1, 2021

We need you to power this work

The last several weeks have made it clear that we need lasting, systemic change. And we’ve seen time and time again that changes like that don’t come from politicians or corporations, they come from people joining together and taking action to dismantle corporate power and the racist systems it is built upon.

Corporate Accountability organizes day-in and day-out to challenge corporations that perpetuate systemic racism, devastate democracy, trample human rights, and destroy the planet. And in this moment of incredible upheaval and opportunity, organizing has never been more important. From organizing with grassroots partners to demand justice for the ongoing water crises in Flint, Michigan, to pushing the Biden administration to step up and make sure the U.S. does its fair share to address the climate crisis.

But we can’t do any of it without you, and the support of thousands of people just like you. That’s why we need to recruit 75 new monthly donors by February 28.

When you give monthly, you’re providing the regular and ongoing support we need to sustain the movement to hold abusive corporations accountable. And only until February 28, a generous group of donors has agreed to give an additional $100 for every new monthly donor that joins us!

Monthly giving is an easy and convenient way to support Corporate Accountability’s campaigns all year round. You’ll be automatically charged each month for the donation amount you choose, and you always have the option to change or cancel your gift.

As a monthly donor, you’ll be part of the core of reliable support for the organization that challenges corporate power every day of the year. You’ll be among the first to know about breaking news and calls to action from the global corporate accountability movement. You’ll even get a special thank-you in our annual report!

And when you join in by February 28, a generous group of donors will give $100, making your ongoing support go even further.

Make a monthly gift today and know that, through your ongoing donation, you’re taking action every day to contribute to building a world where corporations answer to people, not the other way around.

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