May 30, 2017

When we stand together

It’s what Naomi Klein called a corporate coup: Corporations expanding their control over government under the Trump administration. From appointing CEOs to run entire government agencies to gutting the EPA, this regime aims to smooth the way for corporations to extract profit — no matter the harm to people and planet.

To fulfill our vision for a world where all people can thrive, we need to rein in corporate power now and renew democratic institutions so that they serve the common good. And when we stand together we can create the transformation we seek. The way you can make the greatest impact on this movement right now is to become a monthly donor. And right now a generous group of donors have stepped up to give an additional $100 for each new monthly donor who signs up by June 30.

Our goal is to sign up 100 sustainers — which would add an extra $10,000 to fund our campaigns to end corporate abuse. That’s a lot of power you can help unlock! Will you help us reach our goal?

Right now, Trump’s administration is cooking up a plan to transfer our public infrastructure to private hands. One of the biggest threats of this plan is that communities across the U.S. could lose control of their water systems. What does that look like? Well, time and again, we’ve seen water rates skyrocket, safety ignored, and infrastructure neglected when corporations run water systems for profit. And it’s usually low income communities and communities of color who face the worst of it.

Water should be respected as a common good for all, with public investment that keeps it in public hands. To realize that vision, we need a movement that says NO to corporate control and YES to the human right to water. To build the power of that movement, we need your help.

Monthly donors provide the foundation for that movement. When you sign up, you’ll automatically be charged each month for the donation amount you choose, and you can change or cancel your gift at any time.

As a monthly donor, you’ll be among the first to know about breaking news, receive invitations to special events around the country, and one of the people we turn to with urgent opportunities for action.

This is your opportunity to stand up to corporate power and build a fairer world. Remember, when you join before June 30, your donation will be matched with an additional $100 gift. Give today!

Thanks for all you do.

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