December 9, 2019

Why I’m in Madrid

Rampant wildfires. Record-setting floods. Nation’s coastlines disappearing. It is clear that the climate crisis is here right now.

That’s why I’m here at the global climate talks in Madrid, Spain as part of Corporate Accountability’s team of organizers and policy experts. Together with people like you, climate justice allies from the Global South, and governments working to advance justice, we’re organizing with all our might to ensure governments enact truly meaningful policy that protects people’s lives.

But we’re up against Big Polluters, and the industry front groups and governments that do their bidding, attempting to obstruct progress. If they succeed, they will keep us on a path of cataclysmic global temperature rise, with devastating impacts for hundreds of millions of people and the planet, just so they can keep raking in billions in profits.

This is the moment to address the climate crisis. This is our moment to be bold. Will you donate right now to support me and my team as we take on Big Polluters here at the climate talks?

There is so much at stake right now and your support is critical. When you make a gift to our Challenge Corporate Power Match Campaign, every dollar will be matched by a group of generous donors until December 31!

We know we can succeed because we have already built power in the last week of these climate talks. We are standing alongside hundreds of thousands of people and hundreds of climate justice organizations.

All of our organizing takes resources. We need your partnership to kick Big Polluters out of climate policy, to advance real solutions, and to make Big Polluters pay for decades of climate deception. So as we head into the last week of the talks, I need you by my side.

It’s time for bold action. Right now, your gift will be matched dollar for dollar by a small group of donors who wants to fuel this growing movement for climate justice. Join us today!

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