January 16, 2018

How will you make a difference?


The time is now!

Lead-contaminated water, deadly wildfires and hurricanes, and tax bills that transfer even more resources to the wealthy few: These are just a few of the ways that corporate abuse threatens people’s lives daily. And it has to stop.

The good news is — when we stand together, we can stop these devastating abuses.

It takes a movement to challenge the corporations that undermine our democracy, destroy our planet, and threaten our communities.

Will you strengthen this movement in 2018? Join us by pledging to challenge corporate power in the year ahead, and tell us: What will you do in 2018 to make a difference?

Will you volunteer your time with Corporate Accountability? Will you challenge corporate power in your community? Join a march or rally? Make protest art? Host a fundraiser? Write your member of Congress?

As you look to the year ahead, take the pledge to challenge corporate power in 2018. Then let us know how you’ll propel the corporate accountability movement forward.

Together, we have accomplished incredible things. But in these times, it takes all of us digging even deeper — and coming together to make the change we need.

It’s good to know you’re with us. Thank you for all you do to challenge corporate abuse.

Corporate Accountability
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