June 28, 2018

You make progress in trying times

The actions of the Trump administration this month have been devastating. Like you, we are heartbroken and outraged to see the administration tear more than 2,000 children from their parents. Like you, we are disgusted by its policy of imprisoning entire families, often at private detention centers, which profit from this brutality. Many of the people that Trump has imprisoned, fleeing violence in their homelands and seeking asylum, were received in the U.S. only to face fresh violence at the hands of this administration.

In the face of these racist and inhumane policies, you took action. You spoke out, contacting your elected officials, attending rallies, and refusing to be silent. The pressure you built forced Trump to retreat from separating families at the border, and that is a powerful victory.

But this crisis is not over. Trump has done nothing to reunite these children with their relatives, and now he is caging entire families and threatening asylum seekers’ due process rights.

We recognize the deeply intertwined nature of corporate brutality and systemic racism and xenophobia. This moment requires us all to unite to demand justice. A broad coalition, with immigrant-led organizations at the helm, is organizing #FamiliesBelongTogether rallies across the U.S. on June 30. Sign up to join a local event and add your name to the call to stop caging children and jailing their parents.

Photo Credit: Families Belong Together, Creative Commons.

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