January 4, 2018

You power this work.

You are helping change the world. Thank you!

As you know, a generous group of donors issued a $100,000 matching gift challenge a few months ago. Our members stepped up in a big way to meet that challenge. Together we raised $112,107.75! This will fund our campaigns challenging corporate power in the coming year.

And we’ll need it. In 2017 the Trump regime’s corporate takeover of the U.S. government had devastating impacts on people and our democracy — but together, we have countered this expansion of corporate power every step of the way. From pushing the agenda of Big Polluters in the U.N. climate treaty talks to opening the door for private water corporations to take control of our water systems, this administration is far more interested in lining the pockets of corporations than protecting people’s rights and the planet.

But time and time again so many of you show up. You dig deep. You take action. And that gives me hope and confidence that together we can build a more just world for all.

A huge thank you to everyone who donated and helped us reach our goal. You make our ambitious work possible!

Corporate Accountability
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